The Shelby Family

Loving Life in Kenya...

Our Purpose
Our desire is to further the kingdom of God through obedience to Holy Scripture and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. We recognize the fact that a church cannot be successful if it isn’t empowered by God. We don’t place confidence in our own abilities but rely totally upon God to accomplish His will through willing vessels. We also understand that we as free-will agents have the choice to be loyal servants to our heavenly Father or to be disobedient in word and deed. For this reason we publicly state that all endeavors taken by our ministry in Kenya are intended to glorify Christ. We believe that any program that the bride of Christ participates in should fulfill one, if not all, of the following purposes.

We desire to worship Him publicly as well as privately, to revere Christ as the one and only King, the Holy Son of God. We pledge our allegiance to our Savior and strive to live a life of worship and honor to please Him.

We desire to always be conscience of the need to lead lost souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We understand that as Christians we have the great responsibility to share our faith with others in hopes that they will receive the wonderful gift of salvation that is freely offered by our loving God.

We desire to encourage and build up our brothers and sisters in the name of Christ. We do not wish to hurt or tear down but to faithfully serve one another, strengthening one another for the sake of the kingdom.

We desire to witness the truths of God’s Word to all that will listen. Every individual has the capability to disciple another and we must be mindful of this responsibility in fellowships and relationships that we possess with those around us.

Important Dates:

Our Anniversary:

July 15,1995


Luke: January 19, 1974

Tonya: June 20, 1975

Abigail: August 11, 1996

Breanne: August 20, 1997

Caleb November 25, 2000

Kay-Leigh: November 23, 2004