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We have been serving the Lord as BIMI missionaries in Kenya, East Africa since 1997!  We are happy for the opportunity to serve Him here, and we thank Him for every blessing to our family & ministry.  This is a blog of some of our personal family happenings, and in short - our Shelby Summaries!

Often we go to pass out John and Romans and tracts in the areas around the churches my dad has started here in Kenya. The first few times I started going on visitation where the people were not familiar with English, I was hesitant. Because I knew that if I handed a tract to someone, I would need to also tell them that they were welcome to the local church that was having a special service for the anniversary or anything else that was going on. The talking part I was afraid to do, but I also knew that the members of the church needed the example of a bold Christian even if it was just over something as simple as that. But when I heard what my mom said to someone she was visiting with, I was able to follow the conversation and start a conversation with someone else. The only problem that sometimes came up was that the person asked something that I was not expecting he would ask. Now my problem is that I cannot always find the right words to answer their question, but I can understand practically anything they say. Usually there is someone with me and they take it on from there. But now my brother and sisters and I are having Swahili lessons, and I hope that after I have studied the language I would be able to speak fluently in it. For now, though, I am thankful that I can speak as much as I do, and that I can understand quite a bit. I also find it a great blessing to be understood in the little that I can speak.
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