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We have been serving the Lord as BIMI missionaries in Kenya, East Africa since 1997!  We are happy for the opportunity to serve Him here, and we thank Him for every blessing to our family & ministry.  This is a blog of some of our personal family happenings, and in short - our Shelby Summaries!


It is amazing the many different kinds of lizards I have seen around and in the places where we have lived.  I have seen so many different lizards that I cannot count them.  The one that I know lives inside the houses I have lived in is called the Gecko. The Gecko can sometimes be frightening if it falls onto you when you open the curtains, and it can sometimes be funny as it darts out from behind a picture, runs across the wall, and behind another picture.  What allows the Gecko to do this is the tiny suction cups on the bottom of its feet.  Some Geckos are almost black, but others are almost a whitish-tan color although the majority of them are in the middle with a certain pattern.

Another lizard that I love to play with is the Chameleon. The Chameleon is a fascinating reptile when it changes its color to camouflage itself and blend into its surroundings.  Some Chameleons can be mean if you anger them, but most of them only hiss or puff out the little flap of skin that is under their head.  I have seen only two different kinds of Chameleons, the Side-striped Chameleon and the Montane Side-striped Chameleon.  The Side-striped Chameleon color is of a light brown to a dark brown almost black.  It also has the ability of changing its color to where it has a diamond pattern on its back and sides.  The other Chameleon the Montane Side-striped Chameleon has a totally different coloration.  It has instead green, light blue, white, orange spots, and black spots.  If you were painting this kind Chameleon the green would be the background on the Chameleon; then you would paint the white as a stripe right below the ridge of the Chameleon’s back.  The light blue you would paint very lightly as a stripe under the white stripe, and finally the orange and black you would paint in very small spots here and there.  As you can probably tell I really like lizards!

Written by: Caleb S.                    

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