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We have been serving the Lord as BIMI missionaries in Kenya, East Africa since 1997!  We are happy for the opportunity to serve Him here, and we thank Him for every blessing to our family & ministry.  This is a blog of some of our personal family happenings, and in short - our Shelby Summaries!

The Nile Monitor

This is similar to the critter that we found on our church property in Sidundo. A Nile Monitor Lizard at least 6-7 feet long. Not sure exactly because it is still there. Some of the students went after it with a machete and cut two feet of its tail off (so now I guess it would only be 4-5 feet long).There are others that have been seen burrowing down under some of the ten or so termite mounds on
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City Life & Village Life (By Abigail)

Living in a thriving, urban city compared to living in a remote village in Africa is probably considered as complete opposites; but there are a few similarities. for example, both living conditions have some kind of communication among themselves and with the surrounding cities or villages. The language may differ, or the communication system may vary; but communication is present. Another comparison
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